Mormon Artist

Issue 16 Incoming Editor’s Note

In September 2008, Ben Crowder sent me an email telling me that he was going to start a Mormon arts magazine. Eventually, he asked me if I would like to be involved. I was a proofreader for that first issue, and shortly thereafter, I became the literature editor and then the managing editor. I’ve counted Mormon Artist as one of the most rewarding projects I’ve dedicated my time to over the past three years.

Ben has been an excellent editor-in-chief. He’s capably carried the magazine through eighteen issues. He’s burdened the lion’s share of responsibility for the magazine through a full-time job, his courtship and marriage, and through the birth of his first child earlier this year. He’s kept his vision clear, he’s been steadfast, and he’s built something that I am continually pleased to be a part of. I’m tremendously grateful to Ben for having the vision and fortitude to keep Mormon Artist rolling forward. I am also grateful to all of the generous volunteers and interviewees who caught the vision and have dedicated their time and talents to build the Mormon Artist community.

After this current issue, Ben will be moving on and handing Mormon Artist over to my care. My vision is the same as Ben’s. I remain committed to illuminating and nurturing the world of Mormon arts. There will be some changes in the future. The magazine and the website will be looking a little different. My plan is to transfer a lot of the Q&A content to audio and then to focus on more occasional special themed issues (like the International Issue or the Science Fiction and Fantasy issue) for our print content. We have been fortunate enough to gain many faithful readers over the years. I hope you will stay with us during this transition process and be as excited about these forthcoming changes as I am. The field is yet white. ❧