Mormon Artist

Issue 5 Editor’s Note

As mentioned in last issue’s editor’s note, we’re trimming things down. After we published that issue, in fact, we found yet another reason to cut things down: MagCloud doesn’t let you print magazines longer than sixty pages (we had one hundred). While we’re primarily an online magazine, we do like to offer the hard copy for those who love print, so we’re down to a slim forty-four pages in this issue. We’re also printing shorter interviews now. Let us know what you think.

Shorter interviews mean more space for other types of content—more feature articles, more essays, and more reviews. We also want to print more artwork, and as part of this we’ve expanded the submission guidelines (see the next page). Not everything can go into the PDF—music recordings and videos being the obvious examples—but all published submissions will still be available on the website.

Staff-wise, we’ve done some shuffling around with the position descriptions to streamline things. I’m also pleased to announce that we now have a full complement of section editors: Katherine Morris (Literature), Megan Welton (Visual & Applied Arts), Annie Mangelson (Music & Dance), and Brittany Pacini (Film & Theatre).

Remember our “Events & Announcements” section? Probably not, because it never really got off the ground. It’s still important, though, so we’re merging it into our news blog on the site, which will become a place to post all the interesting Mormon arts stuff we can’t fit into the magazine.

To pull all of this off, we need more volunteers: specifically, we need more writers (to write those feature articles and essays and reviews), more copy editors (one of our bottlenecks), and more contributors (to post to the blog). If you’re interested, check out and let us know. (Volunteers in other areas are still very welcome.)

We’re aiming to publish our special contest issue in June, with details on the next contest coming sometime soon as well. Also, we’ve given both the site and the print edition some design love. ❧