Mormon Artist

Issue 6 Editor’s Note

It’s hard to believe, but Mormon Artist is now one year old. We’ve profiled almost fifty artists so far and enlist the help of just over a hundred volunteers (though not everyone helps out with every issue, I should add). Kind of amazing, really, especially when you consider that it’s all a labor of love. I’d like to thank everyone—artists, volunteers, and especially you readers—for making all of this possible. Let’s make year two even better.

Effective next issue, we’re switching to a quarterly frequency (January, April, July, October) instead of publishing a new issue every other month. Why? More time to put each issue together, which will help us make a better magazine. Future issues will be longer, though, so you don’t need to feel like you’re getting gypped. This will be good. (And luckily MagCloud recently raised their maximum-page limit from 60 pages to 100.)

With the departure of Brittany Pacini as our Film & Theatre editor, we’ve added two new editors to our board and shuffled things around a bit: Meridith Jackman is the new Music & Dance editor, Meagan Brady is the new Film editor, and Annie Mangelson has moved from Music & Dance to become the new Theatre editor.

Our special contest issue has taken longer to put together than we expected, by the way, but it will be coming out very soon. We hope to have information about our next contest as well. ❧