Mormon Artist

Issue 7 Editor’s Note

Little did I know when I started this magazine that it would be the way I’d end up meeting my wife. Meridith (Jackman, soon to be Crowder) came onboard as the Music & Dance editor earlier this year and I swiftly found myself developing an ulterior motive for having her around. I’m happy to announce that we’ll be sealed on November 14. (We’ll soon be launching a new section of the magazine, Mormon Artist Personals, complete with an automated matchmaking system.) (Just kidding, thankfully.)

Our imminent wedding is the main reason this issue is coming out in November instead of October, actually, and the special issue will regrettably be delayed once more, probably till early December. But it’s on its way. Before we tackle another contest issue, by the way, we’ll hammer out the other kinks that delayed this one for so long.

Staff changes: Effective next issue, Annie Mangelson will return as Music & Dance editor, and Meagan Brady will take over Theatre.

We’ve got some exciting things coming up, including an issue of the magazine devoted solely to the amazing LDS arts culture being fostered in New York City and a discussion forum on the site. Stay posted. ❧