Mormon Artist

Issue 8 Editor’s Note

With the new year, we’ve realized that publishing Mormon Artist four times a year just wasn’t enough. As of our next issue in April, we’ll be back on a bimonthly frequency (apologies to the catalogers who’ll have to deal with this) and will remain that way (really). Publishing every other month will let us feature more people, which is what we’re all about, after all.

We also saw that there’s a lot of Mormon arts news that we aren’t able to cover in the magazine simply because we still only go to press every two months and because the magazine can’t be infinitely long. But a blog can. So, we’ve resurrected our blog at and we’ll be blogging about events (like the 24-hour filmmaking marathon at the LDS Film Festival a few weeks ago), previously featured artists (to see what they’re up to nowadays), contests, Mormon arts-related blogs and sites, and much more.

You may have noticed that our issues haven’t followed any specific themes or topics other than Mormon arts in general. Starting with our next issue, however, that will only be half true. We have three themed issues coming up this year: New York City (April), pageants (June), and international Mormon arts (October). We’ll also have three regular issues in January (this one), August, and December.

You know, I’m continually blown away by how many Latter-day Saints there are in every single creative discipline — and not only that, but by how good their work is. Thanks to all of you who make this magazine possible. ❧